• Tea & Company Green Tea Collection
  • Tea & Company Green Tea Collection
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Tea & Company Green Tea Collection

$105.95 CAD

The Tea & Company Organic Green Tea Collection combines all of our three premium Organic Tea & Company green teas in one beautiful box.  Ideal for tea lovers seeking to explore unique, elevated organic whole leaf green teas, this collection embodies the best of our award-winning Tea & Company line of teas. Makes a great gift. Each box contains 33 pouches of:

Organic Chaling Jasmine

Whole leaf organic green tea grown in the town of Chaling in the Hunan Province of China scented with fresh Jasmine blossoms.

Organic Royal Passion Fruit

A smooth, rich blend of organic whole leaf green tea from China and Japan. Infused with lightly tart tropical notes of luscious passion fruit and marigold blossoms.

Organic Three Rivers Green

Named for the three famous Chinese rivers – the Yangtze, the Mekong and the Salween – that nearly converge in the Yunnan Province. This whole leaf green tea grown high in the Yunnan mountains, yields a mild nutty flavor with subtle fruit undertones.